How I work?

I am passionate about drawing materials;  pencils, soft and good, beautiful red chalk, lively dusty black charcoal – Egg tempera – watercolor and oil paint. I like to eighter “fall in love” with a motif or being eager to express an idea or concept.
With this drive – half the painting is done! The intention is the nerve in the painting. I love starting up paintings, its much harder to finish them! When is it optimal? Could it be better? Or have I ruined it?  - worked too much? Should I  start over or do something radical? All these questions – and good freestyle brushwork can bring live, nerve and presence to a work of art!
My experience tells me everything matters! The way you hold the brush – the grap, if you stand or sit, if you have a live model or use photos etc. The quality and capacity of materials also matters a lot for the result – so I like not to be careless about this part as well. Still none of this makes the art.
But it has to function  so it does not work against the creation – contrary it will expand my possibilities of getting to wherever I aim…